EBOT Exam 2019

Section 1 – written part – 11 June 2019  Read more

Section 2 – oral part – 5 & 6 October 2019
Manchester, United Kingdom Read more
EBOT Examination Fees
SECTION 1 - Online written part

Location and date 2019: examination centres in Europe: 11 June 2019

Fee: EUR 350 (to be paid to the examination centre when booking the seat)

SECTION 2 - Oral examination

Location and date 2019: Manchester, United Kingdom - 5 & 6 October 2019

Fee EU citizens: EUR 540
Fee non-EU citizens working in an EU country: EUR 970

Once candidates have successfully completed SECTION 1, they will be informed about payment details and deadline for SECTION 2.

Please note that trainees will not be able to take Section 2 of the EBOT examination until they have passed their national exam and obtained a certificate of full qualification as an orthopaedic surgeon from their national authority (EU Orthopaedic Society). Once this certificate is obtained, the applicant must send a copy to the EBOT Administrator and await confirmation of eligibility from the Board. Applicants are required to take Section 2 within one year after successful completion of section 1.

Trainees MUST sent in a copy of the certificate of full qualification four weeks prior to the oral examination at the latest to be able to be accepted to sit section II.
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